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Let us find the best solution for your unique business needs!

What works for one business owner may not necessarily work for another. With each of our clients, we make sure to start with a personal one-on-one interview to discuss business concerns as well as short-term/long-term goals. It is important for us at SheetLogic to find a system that works well for your unique business, so each project is custom-tailored and streamlined to meet your needs. 

Tell Us About Your Business!

“I highly recommend Taylor for any of your firm’s technical development / spreadsheet needs. She was so easy to work with, available on my schedule and completed the work as requested, to specs and on time. Your experience with her will be nothing but pleasant and you will be extremely satisfied you chose her firm and will receive over and above the results you require.”

G. Biddle

“It was great to work with Taylor Gee. I had a complicated Excel project that she grasped very quickly. In addition to a standard Excel sheet, I was looking for a way to display the information visually and she did a very nice job using my logo and making the format go with it. She also came up with an effective idea to show a lot of options and make it roll up with both the numbers and a graph. I was on a deadline and she worked quickly and efficiently. I would definitely hire Taylor Gee again for another project.”

Benefits by Design Insurance Services

“Taylor did a great job for me, creating a super useful calendar scheduler for my online program. She was super fast and always responsive!”

H. Perkins

“Taylor was completely AWESOME!!!!! She is very personable and engaging. She is also an excellent communicator. She was able to quickly grasp the scope and needs of my project based on a very brief preliminary conversation. The end result is PRECISELY what we wanted. Also, I can’t believe how quickly she completed my project. I was anticipating a few weeks, maybe even a month. Boy, did I overestimate. I had my fully completed deliverable in just 48 hours!! Bravo, Taylor, bravo!”

Inamod Group, LLC

“Although Taylor had all of the technical skills to complete the Power Query project, perhaps her greatest attribute was the ability to listen to and comprehend the problem at hand. We spent a bit of time discussing the problem and various solutions, then Taylor turned around the finished product ahead of schedule. Her communication skills were excellent. Would definitely hire again without hesitation!”

S. Scornavacca

“Super fast, great communication, very knowledgable with Google spreadsheets and formula’s, plus great design on the actual spreadsheet!”

J. Walman

“Taylor quickly grasped the complicated planning process of our farm and designed an elegant spreadsheet planner. Her finished product included look-ups and macros. She worked fast, her communication was great, and the end product exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Taylor!”

P. Cracknell

“Taylor delivered on all of our requests to build a functional excel spreadsheet within our current setup so that we can formulate loan costs, generate term sheets for signing and more.”


“Taylor helped build a dashboard within DataStudio to show company financial data, the whole process was seamless and Taylor was a pleasure to work with. In fact, we are already looking at other projects where we can collaborate.”


“Working with Taylor was a wonderful experience! Right from the beginning, she provided clarity about the different stages of the project. She took the time to assess our needs and then worked with us to develop a product that provides us with all the information we need and is efficient to use. We appreciated her responsiveness to our questions and requests and her suggestions for how to improve other areas of our process throughout the project. We highly recommend Taylor and hope to work with her again.”

A. Askelsen
Her New Standard

“Taylor created such a powerful spreadsheet tool for my organization! It’s going to make such a great impact to the marketing operations team. I’m super grateful she was able to accommodate all my requests!”

B. DiBella

“Strong EXCEL programming skills; good, flexible thinking about how to approach various needs expressed by client; excellent adherence to schedule. She is easy to work with and a pleasure to deal with. Strongly recommend this contractor”

M. Day

“The project I gave Taylor was complex to say the least and had multiple moving parts. At first I had my concerns as to whether she would comprehend the details being presented to her. I was wrong. She quickly developed a clear understanding of mortgage related data and after a few revisions (which she did with no complaint) she delivered a fantastic final version which fits my needs perfectly. This is your Excel expert for life.”

C. Vamadeva

“Taylor provided us with some much needed Excel expertise in performing payroll data analytics using a large, detailed data set in Excel. She does outstanding work and the product she delivered was instrumental in helping us bring a legal matter for an important client to settlement. She was highly responsive to our follow up requests. We would absolutely rehire Taylor for jobs of this nature again. Well done.”

Logan Mooney LLP

“Taylor is some sort of magical excel fairy. She did a great job with our project.”


“Very happy with the data visualization and basic analytics work completed. Clarifying questions were concise and understood the key objectives of the project. Work was delivered creatively and quickly meeting all my needs. Very happy and impressed. Would hire again.”

K. Maguire

“Completed task fast! Replied to my questions promptly! Taylor’s work was outstanding! I would highly recommend for Google Sheet to Google Form integration, and analysis.”

S. Lindgren

“I was in need of a schedule that was clear, basic, organized and didn’t require a constant monthly fee. Taylor had a lot of great ideas to bring to the table and was very helpful. Her finish product need up being exactly what I needed, and it was done in a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend!”

C. Wingerd
Dual Force Construction

“Taylor knows what she’s doing and she does it well. She started my gig almost immediately and responded quickly to iteration requests. I’ll certainly work with her in the future when I need custom excel templates.”

G. Okechukwu

“Taylor was a pleasure to work with and is vastly knowledgeable about Google Sheets. She provided recommendations on best practices and was a pleasure to work with. I’ll definitely be reaching out to her again when any need arises around Google Sheets.”

N. Shah

“Taylor is very responsive and can deliver quality analysis on-demand. I was impressed with how fast the turnaround time for my milestone requests. She knows what she is doing with excel no matter how messy, how large, and how raw the data is and I always feel less stressed out when working with her. Taylor is calm, quick to understand the project, and jumps into the work. I don’t know how she does it but it definitely reduces my anxiety and frustration with data. Taylor is very trustworthy and reliable. I worked with her on 2 successful projects and won’t hesitate to rehire her in the future!”

T. Chen

“Taylor was amazing. Her excel skills are phenomenal and I am extremely happy with the final outcome. She was able to do everything we asked for plus so much more we didn’t even know was possible. Definitely recommend her and will be using her services again in the future.”

B. Hogan
Nefertem Naturals

“Your job shouldn't be to organize yourself, but to acquire the right technologies to respond to your productivity needs!”