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Case Study:
How Region reduced their A/R process by 20 hours per month!

Meet Region

Industry: Food & Beverage

Region delivers a sophisticated and innovative approach to wine tasting. With 2 locations in California, patrons can taste a huge range of different wines delivered directly from the incredible vineyards in Sonoma and San Luis Obispo.

The Challenge

The wines available at Region are sourced from a significant number of regional vineyards. Purchasing data and consumer information provide valuable insight about individual wine performance, so Region keeps detailed records of every tasting, ½ glass, and full glass sold and solicits contact information from those patrons who are willing to share. Parsing sales data from multiple Point of Sale (POS) exports and file types to deliver accurate feedback to vineyards proved time consuming and lent itself to human error. The company also wanted an easy way to integrate their merchandise and food sales into their system.

“Working with SheetLogic was 100% the right choice for us, I just wish we’d done it sooner. Keeping track of so many different wines, serving sizes, and merchandise left us with a mess at the end of every month. Now, I actually don’t dread A/R work and feel more confident in the information I’m sharing with the wineries.”

-Johan E.
Co-Founder, CEO

The Logic

SheetLogic developed an integrated system to parse sales data from multiple sources. The result is a user-friendly automated system with features including one-click data uploads, print-to-PDF integration, and combined wine + merchandise/food sales, making the new system a “one-stop-shop.”

“One of my favorite features of our new system is that I can upload data so quickly. We used to run in circles trying to combine data from different sources into one master sheet, and now the system does almost all the work for us.”

-Johan E.
Co-Founder, CEO

Region’s Testimonial

“Taylor delivered the perfect solution for our business. We were nearly pulling our hair out at the end of every month, and now getting through the A/R process is simple. Our new system is so simple even though we’re keeping track of quite a bit of different data. Thanks Taylor!”

-Johan E.
Co-Founder, CEO

Every solution to a problem is as unique as the business itself!

Our goal is to give you back up to 60% more time–time too often wasted on repetitive tasks and poor interfaces via the delivery of easy-to-navigate designs and spreadsheets.