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Case Study:
How Nefertem Naturals decreased data entry time by 94% in just 4 weeks!

Meet Nefertum Naturals

Industry: Skincare

Nefertem is an innovative skincare company offering an intimate collection of products to nourish self-discovery and honor soul growth. They are an independent, family-owned and operated company birthed out of the desire to support the mental, emotional, and spiritual journey of others.

The Challenge

As a rapidly expanding company, Nefertem outgrew their inventory and manufacturing management systems. Their existing systems involved repetitive data entry and did not track product performance or forecast business costs. When this began impacting their ability to grow and scale their business, Nefertem started looking for solutions.

How SheetLogic Helped


Time Reduction in Data Entry/Inventory Management

“Taylor was amazing. Her excel skills are phenomenal, and I am extremely happy with the final outcome. She did everything we asked and more we didn’t even know was possible. Definitely recommend her and will be using her services again in the future.”

-Brittany H.

The Logic

SheetLogic’s goal was simple: Improve Nefertem’s inventory and manufacturing management systems using Excel. Our objective included developing a user-friendly, automated system that’s flexible enough to grow and scale with the business.

The new system focuses heavily on the user interface, utilizing dropdowns and lookup functions to make data entry as easy and error free as possible.

For inventory management, the products are broken into three tiers:

  • Level 1: Raw Materials
  • Level 2: Manufactured Products
  • Level 3: Bundles, Packages & Gift Sets

Level 1 includes a rolling purchase log that feeds raw material inventory levels.

Levels 2 & 3 include a space to enter sales for each level which are combined to calculate overall raw material demand, inventory, and production needs.

Each level also includes a bill of materials (BOM) which pulls from the previous level. All three levels are combined using PowerQuery to calculate overall totals.

It used to take at least 30 minutes to add one new product into our system, and it took up to 20 minutes to add each individual ingredient for the new product. Now adding a new product AND all that product’s new ingredients takes us less than 5 minutes!“”

-Brittany H.

Problem/Solution Breakdown

Problem #1: Common data entry errors due to overly complex navigation resulting in wasted time and inaccurate inventory data.

Solution: User-friendly interface with color-coded navigation buttons and data validation to prevent common errors caused by data entry.

Problem #2:  No way to adjust variables without manually changing each item.

Solution: Variables (such as batch sizes, labor costs, and material costs) that can be easily adjusted as the company and economy changes.

Problem #3: Adding and removing products involved updating multiple sheets.

Solution: Dynamic system that allows users to easily add or remove new products, bundles, and ingredients from a single page with updates that carry throughout the sheet/workbook.

Problem #4: No overall data output to indicate if the company is meeting goals; inadequate data to make growth decisions; no ability to estimate a rolling average cost per unit.

Solution: Summarized metrics to allow the business to quickly view overall performance and make vital data driven decisions. 

Nefertem Naturals’ Testimonial

“We looked at manufacturing software first. It was all either much too cumbersome to learn and more advanced than what we needed for our small business or far too simple and unable to handle our needs as a growing business. Working with Sheet Logic allowed us to keep using Excel, but in a much more powerful way. They created exactly the right system for our business. 

Working with Sheet Logic was so easy! Any question I had was answered quickly, and I felt confident they understood our needs right from the start. I loved that I could request a virtual meeting anytime I needed to and that the project was completed on time.”

-Brittany H.

Every solution to a problem is as unique as the business itself!

Our goal is to give you back up to 60% more time–time too often wasted on repetitive tasks and poor interfaces via the delivery of easy-to-navigate designs and spreadsheets.