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Case Study:
How Her New Standard saved time with a simplified, automated scheduling tool!

Meet Her New Standard

Industry: Leadership Development

Her New Standard was created to help women leaders rise up in today’s competitive world, setting new norms and transcending boundaries. They are a team of organizational leaders, PhDs, and leadership consultants who leverage coaching, training and peer group support to amplify women’s voices so that the collective gets stronger.

The Challenge

An increase in clients and adding several new team members meant that Her New Standard was succeeding in their mission to advance women’s leadership. It also meant more program offerings and coaching rosters to manage. The existing system involved repetitive, manual data entry. The team was compiling information from several sources and struggled to find an efficient and accurate way to manage the multiple inputs. They also lacked a way to quickly gauge program and coaching capacity. Working with a Google Sheets specialist was the best way to eliminate these pain points.

“Taylor was very responsive from the moment we contacted her about our project. From the beginning of our first consultation call, we could tell she was very knowledgeable and understood our needs and challenges. By the end of the call, we had no hesitation about hiring her for our project.”

-Angie A.
Operations Manager

The Logic

SheetLogic’s goal was to simplify Her New Standard’s coaching capacity and scheduling tools, making this aspect of running the business seamless. Our objective included developing a user-friendly, automated system that’s flexible enough to grow along with the company.

The new system focuses heavily on the user interface, utilizing multiple inputs (including Google Forms) to streamline the scheduling process and ensure program enrollment matches coach capacity.

“I know SheetLogic’s solution is saving us time because we no longer have to enter data manually or in multiple places. We can also gauge program enrollment, coach/client ratios, and other metrics at a glance, instead of having to analyze data.”

-Angie A.
Operations Manager

Problem/Solution Breakdown

Problem #1: Repetitive data entry across multiple sheets and systems.

Solution: Integration of Apps Script, reducing time spent on data entry and increasing accuracy of data.

Problem #2: Inability to evaluate program enrollment and coach availability “at a glance.”

Solution: Automated Google sheet with program enrollment and coach capacity data clearly broken down by month and program.

Her New Standard’s Testimonial

“Our overall experience working with Taylor was wonderful! She kept us well-informed about which step we were on in our project and asked questions to make sure the deliverable would improve our process. We appreciated her efficiency in getting us the final result in a timely manner so we could use it for our upcoming program. When I found a feature wasn’t working as anticipated, I reached out to Taylor, and she resolved the issue right away.”

-Angie A.
Operations Manager

Every solution to a problem is as unique as the business itself!

Our goal is to give you back up to 60% more time–time too often wasted on repetitive tasks and poor interfaces via the delivery of easy-to-navigate designs and spreadsheets.