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We do the organizing so you can run your business!

Did you know that over 40% of work done in businesses is wasted on repetitive tasks like data entry, reporting, and quoting? Imagine how much time you can save and stress you can eliminate if you could automate all repetitive tasks. Our job is to do just that!

We use our expertise to give your business more of its most important resource: TIME!

About SheetLogic

Our focus is to take all your repetitive tasks from data collection, tracking, quotes and reports and turn them into automated and more user-friendly functions! We specialize in Excel, Google Sheets, PowerBi and Google Data Studio (now Looker Studio.)

Our goal is to give you back up to 60% more time usually wasted on repetitive tasks and poor interfaces with easy to navigate designs and spreadsheets. 

The Process

Equipped with over 10+ years of experience, we make sure your business/organization runs faster and more efficiently with our knowledge of platforms like Excel, Google Sheets, PowerBI, and Google Data Studio (now Looker Studio).

Learn how past clients reduced stress, saved time and money, and felt more creative in their business with our proven and effective automation tools.

Quotes & Invoices

Scheduling Tools


Project Management

Splash Pages

Google Form Integration


We work with all businesses from fitness & nutrition consulting, education, real estate to construction and manufacturing. See what our customers are saying:

“Taylor created such a powerful spreadsheet tool for my organization! It’s going to make such a great impact to the marketing operations team.”

B. DiBella

“Taylor quickly grasped the complicated planning process of our farm and designed an elegant spreadsheet planner.”

P. Cracknell

“The mortgage project I gave Taylor was complex to say the least. She delivered a fantastic final version which fits my needs perfectly. This is your Excel expert for life.”

C. Vamadeva

An organized business is a smart business!